Mr. Greg Low

Founder and Managing Director of Hardface Technologys.

  • Extensive experience and knowledge in gas and electric welding industries
  • Qualified welder and gas fitter
  • 35 years experience in Pipe Welding, Mechanical Services, Hydraulics, Fuel Systems, Superheated Steam Systems and in particular Hardfacing.
  • Proven record of accomplishment as part owner and operator of one of the most successful Independent Industrial Supply companies in Sydney.
  • International experience gained during years of work in Europe and in New Zealand
  • Involved in developing Hardfacing for the rail industry in New South Wales in Australia.
  • Recognised Team Leader with excellent “hands-on” training ability.
  • Certified Product Specialist in Gas Welding, Cutting, Heating and Regulation equipment.

Mr. Stephen Walsh
General Manager for Hardface Technologys

  • Over 18 years experience in welding industry
  • Owned and operated his own electrical servicing business
  • Has lived in, and travelled extensively throughout, Asia and Europe
  • Highly experienced trainer, instructor and teacher with experience gained in many countries and with many cultures.
  • Comprehensive experience with Industrial Automation Welding Systems, notably Mechanised TIG, SubArc Tractors (Microprocessor Controlled), and Column and Booms.
  • Substantial Robotics and Automation experience especially in EOD Robots.
  • Extensive International experience gained while working in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Hong Kong, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and in Europe, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Hungary.
  • Ultrasonic NDT tester, trained by Australian Institute of Non-Destructive Testing to AS3998.